How To Start Half Marathon Training In Summer

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Technical Articles

Half marathon season is coming. Now’s the time to start half marathon training. What should your first steps be?

Pick A Race

How long have you got to train for your half marathon? This will have a bearing on your training routine, frequency and mileage. Ideally, you’ll give yourself at least 12 weeks, more if you’re new to running or if this is your first half marathon.

Set Your Schedule

Sit down with a calendar and work back from the date of the race. Build in enough time to increase your mileage but also to deload at least once during the training schedule. Don’t forget to include time for your taper.

How Many Training Runs?

Your key training run each week will be your long run, which will increase to at least 12 miles a few weeks before the race. But it’s also important to include some pace runs or speedwork, some mid-distance runs, some technique work and some recovery runs. Don’t forget to make time for soft tissue work, foam rolling and stretching too. Phew!

Get Kitted Out.

Before you start half marathon training, make sure you have a good pair of running shoes and all the extras you need like Autumn running kit.

Get Going!

You’re kitted out, you have a training plan in place and your goal is firmly fixed in your mind. There’s nothing more to do. It’s time to get going! Good luck as you get started with your half marathon training. Autumn, and race day, will be here before you know it.

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