Course Map Key

  • First Circuit
    First Circuit (red) - Start to 5.3 miles
  • Second Circuit
    Second Circuit (blue) - 5.3 miles to finish
  • Private Road
    Private Road - this section of the course is not normally open to the general public
  • Drink Station
    Drink Station
  • First Aid Post
    First Aid Post
  • Radio Point
    Radio Point
  • Marshall Point
    Marshall Point


The setting for the Windsor Half marathon is one of the most beautiful in the UK, the start and finish being on the Long Walk within Windsor Great Park and with Windsor Castle as the backdrop.

The course itself is all on road and quite challenging with plenty of hills spread around the route, but remember: what goes up must come down! All this coupled with beautiful scenery and traffic free roads makes for a wonderful experience.

Please take note that the section of the course that is marked as a dotted line is Crown Estate private property and is only open to us on race day so please do not attempt to train along it.


The race takes place close to Windsor Castle within the confines of the Windsor Great Park. The course is two laps, one of approximately 4 miles, the other of about 7.5 miles with the remainder made up by the 1.5 mile Long Walk at the start and end of the race.
The course is best described as undulating. It has many flat stretches, but there are some hilly sections to make the race a bit more interesting. The final 1.5 miles Long Walk is particularly impressive. The impressive sight of Windsor Castle in the distance beyond the finish line is quite outstanding and not something many will forget quickly.