How To Keep Running Whatever The Weather

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Technical Articles

It’s not great weather for runners. Rain, wind, frost, floods and low temperatures make running less than appealing.

Dress The Part

It’s common sense but bears repeating – make sure your running kit is up to the job in winter. Before you head out of the door, ask yourself three things:

– Can I be seen?

– Will I stay dry?

– Am I layered up?

Visibility is a must, so make sure you are wearing something reflective at the very least. This goes for mist, fog and low light as well as evening or early morning runs.

Being wet on a run isn’t the end of the world, but can make a pleasant training run an uncomfortable experience, particularly if you are on a long run. Most people find they can cope with wet limbs or torso, but wet feet are a deal breaker!

Layering up is better than bundling up warm. Make sure you can remove an outer layer in case the sun comes up or the temperature rises during your run. Being too hot is just as bad as being too cold!

Find A Partner

Now you’re warm, dry and safe, it’s time to find a running partner. A good training partner is truly worth her weight in gold. Try to find someone who runs at roughly the same pace as you, who is able to run on the same days as you, and who enjoys running at the same time of day as you. You’ll never want to let your training partner down, so a date in the diary will be a firm promise. If you really can’t find a training partner, then how about a four-legged friend?

Run With A Group

Running with a running club, training group or unofficial group of friends-who-run is a wonderful way to boost motivation and keep it high, particularly in winter months. Use Facebook, the internet to find local groups.

Commit To A Goal

Perhaps you like running alone. That’s understandable, after all, the reason many of you started running was to find some peaceful me-time away from it all. For the solitary runners amongst you, there’s nothing like a running goal to keep you fiercely motivated. Choose a race, a multi-sport challenge, or even book a running holiday! It will give you an exciting goal, with a firm date in the calendar, and a countdown!

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