Half Marathon Week Dos and Don’ts

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Technical Articles

One week until the Windsor Half Marathon! Here’s a quick checklist of things to do….

This is it – the Windsor Half Marathon is almost here. After a challenging 18 months for running races, we’re back on your race calendar. You’ve stuck to your training plan and ticked off the long runs. What do you need to focus on in this final week?


The hard work is done and the miles are under your belt. There’s nothing more you can do in this final week – so be sure not to tire yourself out by adding in “just one more long run…”

Do: keep your body moving with a couple of short (2-4 mile) runs or short walks

Don’t: try to catch up on any missed training runs

Do: listen to your body and take rest rather than training if you feel the signs

Don’t: rewrite your training plan to slip one extra long run in


The week before your half marathon is a time to fuel and nourish your body without overloading your digestive system. Don’t forget hydration in your diet plans!

Do: eat healthy, nutritious meals with protein, vegetables, and easy-to-digest carbohydrates

Don’t: eat anything you know will upset your stomach or prevent you from sleeping well

Do: plan dinner for the night before the race (lean protein and simple carbohydrates like pasta, white rice, potato)

Don’t: load up on high volume foods which may be difficult to digest


The most important aspect of any training plan at this stage is rest, recovery, and staying free from injury and niggles.

Do: take every rest day on your training plan seriously

Don’t: take on any house or garden projects that could leave you with achy muscles

Do: take time to do some foam rolling and stretching (ideal to fill in time previously spent running)

Don’t: compromise your sleep by going to bed late or staying on your phone in bed


The reduction in training this week might free up some time, so use that to get organised for race day.

Do: get your race day bag ready (shoes, socks, running kit, safety pins, plasters, hair bands/hat, sunglasses, sun cream)

Don’t: leave everything until the last minute, the panic isn’t worth it

Do: research parking, travel route, travel times and any other logistics

Do: think about what you’ll need immediately after the race (clothing, food, drink, perhaps a reservation at a pub for lunch?)

We can’t wait to welcome you to the glorious Windsor Half Marathon – best of luck and do share your photos and stories on social media!