Conquer Winter Running Like A Pro

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Technical Articles

9 simple ways to have more fun with winter running

 1 Have a goal

IT’s easier to get excited about winter running when you have a goal. An obvious one is a spring half marathon, but you don’t need to go big. A goal should be personal to you – so it could be sustaining a certain mileage per week, or running a certain amount of times per week.

2 Get kitted out

Having the right running gear for winter will make things much easier. Don’t bundle up. Instead, wear layers and always remember that you will warm up. Wear a hat or headband, gloves, and thin long layers.

3 Stay bright

Don’t run wearing dark, dull colours. Wear reflective gear, and consider buying a runner’s light which goes across your body and has a white light to the front and a red light at your back.

4 Favourite routes

It’s so much easier to head out for a run when you know where you’re going. Plus, knowing your routes means you won’t have any unpleasant surprises like heavy traffic, flooding, or ice.

5 Run with a pal

A good running partner makes everything better. Simply knowing that someone is out there waiting for you (or about to turn up at your door!) will make you get changed into your run kit. Time goes quicker when you’re running with a good friend too.

6 Progress your training

Winter running shouldn’t just be a stopgap before spring weather returns. Make the most of it with progressive training plans, goals, and regular assessments of your training. Are you making progress with pace and speed? Can you do more reps of your hill sessions? Are you running regular short routes more quickly?

7 Warm up more

It sounds obvious, but not everyone takes heed! You do need more time to warm up properly in winter. This might mean adding a half-mile extra to the start of your run, or doing a loop and then stopping to stretch lightly.

8 Do your homework

There’s plenty you can do at home to support your running training. This ties in perfectly with dark evenings and the kind of hibernation mode we all experience in winter. Add one bodyweight strength session and one yoga or stretch session at hoe and you’ll feel the difference.

9 Use the weekends

It’s difficult to really enjoy training runs during the week when there is so little daylight to be had. So, make the most of weekends (or whenever you get your days off). Try to set aside time once per week to enjoy a longer, more leisurely run where you can look around, enjoy the views, and remember the best bits about running!

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