5 breakfast ideas to fuel your morning run

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Technical Articles

Try these simple pre-run breakfast recipes to boost your running energy

Running in the morning can be one of the best times to do it. The air is fresh and cool, the streets are quiet, and your to-do list has yet to get the better of you!

But morning runs leave one big question: what should you eat? The perfect pre-run breakfast is easy to digest, light on the stomach, and gives your body the crucial energy it needs.

We’ve whipped up 5 tasty, simple recipes for you to try. Let us know what you think!

Sweet – Overnight Oats 

Creamy oats mixed with fruit and protein will give your body the fuel it needs for your morning run. And you can make it the night before! Win/win.

– 50-70g oats

– water or milk of your choice

– 50-100g frozen berries

– ½ banana

– scoop of protein powder or 100g Greek yoghurt

Mix everything except the banana in a bowl or container. Chop the banana and mix it through. Cover the container and refrigerate overnight.

Savoury – Eggs On Toast

Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse, packed with whole protein and a little healthy fats. Pair with toast (or a bread product of your choice) and off you go!

– 2 slices of toast, a bagel, or similar

– 10g butter

– 2 eggs

– one tomato

Prepare your eggs (scrambled or poached will be quickest). Toast your bread as the eggs are cooking. Spread the toast with a small amount of real butter, top with the eggs, and slice the fresh tomato on the side. Season with a little salt and pepper.

Hot – Protein Pancakes

These take slightly more prep than our other recipes, but it’s well worth an extra few minutes in the kitchen.

– ½ banana

– 75g oats

– 1 egg

– milk of your choice

– baking powder

– scoop protein powder

– toppings of your choice (Greek yoghurt, berries, the other ½ banana etc)

Blend the ½ banana, oats, egg, protein powder, a splash of milk and pinch of baking powder until the oats have broken down. Get a heavy pan hot and add spray oil or a small pour of oil. Make one large or several small pancakes, flipping them after 2 minutes.

Cold – Fruit & Yoghurt

Fruit is full of healthy carbohydrates, and paired with yoghurt it gives your body the nutrition it needs without a hot meal.

– 3 different types of fruit (1 of them to be berries)

– 150g Greek yoghurt or Skyr

– 15g chopped nuts or seeds

Slice, serve, and eat!

Plant-based – Porridge

It’s a common pre-run breakfast for good reason – porridge gives you everything a body needs to run well. 

– 50-70g oats

– water or plant milk

– 50-100g frozen berries

– ½ banana

– scoop of vegan protein powder

– 15g nuts, seeds, or nut butter

Cook the oats, berries and liquid together until it reaches your favourite consistency (we know that’s a very particular thing!) Stir in the protein powder until it’s all mixed in. Slice the banana on top of the porridge and sprinkle with the nuts or seeds (or spoon in the nut butter).

Why we’ve chosen these recipes

A good pre-run meal should contain the following nutritional elements:

– water – don’t forget to drink enough fluid with your breakfast

– calories (kcals) to give your body the energy it needs to run

– carbohydrates – the macronutrients your body prefers to use as fuel

– healthy fats – a moderate amount of fat will slow down the absorption of nutrients so you don’t run out of energy

– protein – critical for repair of muscles and connective tissue

Optional extra – a cup of coffee! Caffeine is a useful ergogenic aid for sports performance. Just steer clear of heavy, milky coffee variations for a pre-run option.


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