Our Response To Runners Suggestions (moans!)

As regular runners of the Windsor Half Marathon know – we listen to what you have to say about the event post race. We take on board any criticism, complaints or suggestions and if we feel it is appropriate we implement some changes.

This year 2013 is no exception, we always spend some time after the race looking at the various running forums and a topic that kept cropping up was that of timing gates. We have always had timing gates (of sorts) but the only way to make these work the way they should, is to include a box on the entry form which the runner ticks which is an estimation of his or hers finishing time. We can then position the gates accordingly depending upon the number of runners in each time band. We have yet to decide how to “police” this: either by allocating a range of bib numbers to each gate or having bibs in a colour to match the gate. Personal I prefer coloured bibs – you don’t have to think just look at the colour!

Windsor Half Marathon Charity Programme

The event was initially started way back in 1982 as a fund raising event for the Prince Philip Trust and various other charities including CRASH who have an integral part of the event for many years now. The big difference in 2013 is that we are now opening it up to other Charities which will enable many more people to benefit from the efforts of the runners at the Windsor Half. It is not an easy course and any money raised will be hard earned!

Glynn Shefford Memorial Run

The Windsor Half Marathon has always included a Fun Run but over recent years we have not really “pushed” it. After the very sad passing of Glynn Shefford, whose involvement with the Windsor half  goes right back to the beginning we decided to rename the event. This year we are including within the race age groups U13 Boys and Girls, U15 Boys and Girls and U17 Boys and Girls and there will be awards for the first in each category. So mums and dads, if you are running the Windsor Half bring your children along, you can enter on the day or online, let them enjoy the fun and spirit of the Windsor Half.